Tips to Secure Your Garage and Protect Your Household

Secure your garage with a trusted lock system for your garage doors.

The prevalence of home burglary in Australia makes it necessary for every household to prioritise security and protection. In a 2019 Home Burglary Statistics, Australia was ranked fifth among countries with highest burglary rates. About 57,700 burglaries in NSW were recorded in 2017 alone.

In the last two years, 2.5% of Australians experienced a burglary and only 75% of these incidents were reported to the police. Meanwhile, of the break-ins reported to the police, 74% involved incidents where properties were taken, while 49% involved damage to property.

What should be more alarming is the personal injury that household members or homeowners may suffer from break-ins. Such a situation is not unlikely as statistics throughout the years reveal that 1 out of 10 break-ins involved a confrontation between house occupants and intruders.

Tips to Secure Your Garage and Protect Your Household

Securing your garage is protecting your home

Thieves and burglars are opportunistic individuals, and they will strike anytime they get the chance. Significantly, it was found that garage doors that have no garage security and locks are their most common entry points, next to external doors and windows.

You protect your home from break-ins when you secure your garage doors. Thieves do not just look into front and back doors to break-in your house. They also use your garage door to lead themselves in your home. Sadly, these are usually taken for granted and garage doors are often left insecure.

Aside from being their point of entry, burglars can actually use garage doors to conceal themselves from public view. This makes it easy for them to carry out their crime.

Tips to Secure Your Garage and Protect Your Household - Secure your garage

Ways to beef-up your garage door security

With thieves becoming more innovative, every homeowner should consider adding another layer of protection to their garage doors.

To help you get started, here’s a list of practical ways of beefing up your garage door security:

· Build a sturdy and theft-proof garage door

A weak (or worse, crumbling) garage door is an invitation for burglars to break-in. You should consider up-grading to a garage door made out of high-quality and strong materials to withstand these criminals.

You can do this by installing a pinch-resistant and safe panel system. This will not just protect your garage from break-ins, it will also ensure the safety of your loved ones.

· Install Garage Door Alarms

As your garage is one of the most vulnerable locations in your home, it’s best to add garage door alarms to strengthen your household security. They are easy to find these days and come in numerous kinds, which gives you a wide range of options to choose from.

Tips to Secure Your Garage and Protect Your Household - Secure your garage

· Install automatic garage openers

Automatic openers are not created just for convenience. Modern automatic garage openers are also made as complements to a full-proof home security system. Garage door companies these days offer automatic garage openers with safety reversing and remote-control system. Some can even be opened or closed through a smartphone application. They also have compact designs and are easier to install than the older versions.

Tips to Secure Your Garage and Protect Your Household - Secure your garage

· Lock Your Garage Entry Door

Experts say that leaving doors unlocked is one of the most preventable causes of burglary.  Making it a habit to lock your garage entry door when no one’s around, even for a short period, will help secure your garage and prevent unauthorised access to your house.

Tips to Secure Your Garage and Protect Your Household - Secure your garage

· Secure Your Garage Windows

Burglars look into your windows not just to check how much of your valuables they can take, but also to use it as a way to evaluate your home premises. Avoid giving them this advantage by covering your garage windows with blinds or other material that will amply bar outside view. To be sure, lock your garage windows as you would your garage doors, especially when no one from the household is home.

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