Care & Maintenance

Garage door kits are supplied with hardware and tracks in purposeful condition that require care and attention. To keep all hardware and tracks in working condition refer to the following for instructions:

1. To lubricate all moving parts DWA recommend using CRC 5-56 or WD40 spray and then follow the application guidelines on the product.

2. To clean all tracks we recommend using a dry light brush to remove all corrosive debris i.e. heavy industrial dust or salt from open water sources.

3. DWA products that are used more frequently i.e. constantly opened and closed, should be maintained more regularly.

Recommended timeframe for standard use is once every 6 months, and for more frequent users this should be every 2-3 months.

Service requirements

Domestic/residential use – servicing every 12 months is required.
Commercial use – servicing every 6 months is required.
High usage you must service every 3-6 months.

Adjustment: If any moving part or tracks require adjustment and the product was installed by a DWA approved agent, contact our office immediately.

COLORBOND® & Aluminium Composite / Opal Doors

Cleaning: Use a soft bristled brush and clean water to clear corrosive contaminants from the steel. Corrosive contaminants include but not limited to salt water deposits and/or deposits from industrial sites.

Frequency: 3 monthly.
Those areas closer to open waters or industrial sites should apply these cleaning products every 1month.

Cedar/timber Sectional Door

Cleaning: Prior to applying finish product remove any debris from the cedar panels and ensure the doors is completely dry.

Application of stain or paints: Follow the guideline from your selected coating product and ensure you have coated both sides of each panel. Failing to follow the product application guideline will void the warranty. All cedar material must be coated or sealed prior to installation. Dark stain/paint should be avoided and will void the warranty. If panels are dropped off prior to install for application, the profile and size must be checked prior to application. DWA will not cover the application/ labour cost if panels are incorrect.

Application Frequency: DWA recommends that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines from the selected finish product. If you have received a cedar door already coated you should reapply the same oil coating within 30 days of receiving the door, and every 12 months thereafter.

Automatic openers: