How To Make Your Garage Burglary-Proof

A garage is generally overlooked when we are considering the safety of our house. However, a garage can provide access to the house and also act as a hiding place for a burglar in case of an alarm. Also, if you keep valuables in your garage, then they can be stolen as well. It makes sense therefore to make your garage burglary proof. The following tips should help you achieve the same.

How To Make Your Garage Burglary-Proof

Mark the Entries From the Garage To Your Home

The first step to making your garage and house theft-free is to make a note of all the entries from your garage to your house and restricting all the entry points. At times, we don’t realise how many access points our garage provides to different parts of our home. This will largely depend on the design of every house but generally, these are the points to make a note of:

  • Service entrance door
  • Door connecting your garage to the house
  • Any windows in the garage
How To Make Your Garage Burglary-Proof

Lock the Garage and Keep The Keys Inside the House

Keep the garage locked when not in use. Sounds obvious but most of us are in the habit of keeping it unlocked unconsciously, especially during the day. When you’ve locked it, develop a habit of keeping the garage door opener in the house and not elsewhere like your car or random place. It is much easier to get hold of the opener from a place outside the house than inside. If you must keep it inside the car at times, then keep it inside the glove box so that it cannot be seen.

Secure the Windows

Windows in a garage are potential entry points. Keep the garage windows covered by installing window grills, mesh, or simply use shade or blinds so that no one can take a peek inside. When this happens, your garage and its contents will be away from prying eyes and reduce the chances of a break-in.

How To Make Your Garage Burglary-Proof

Invest in a Security Camera and Burglar Alarm

Install a good quality camera and alarm. Investing in a security system is a sensible decision. In the unfortunate event of a break-in, the alarm will sound loudly and alert you and your neighbours. Also, video footage from the camera can help trace the miscreants.

Install Motion Detecting Lights

Motion detecting lights are very effective in preventing burglaries at night. As soon as they detect any activity in the vicinity of your home, they turn on. This gives you an extra layer of security over everything else. Also, with sudden lighting, people get startled and tend to get away from them. They also alert you at the same time and you can check if everything is fine. 

Keep The Radio On

A rather old trick but works very well. Most burglars do not risk venturing near homes or garages that have any kind of sound coming from inside due to fear of someone being inside. They simply move on.

A garage is a part of your house and vice-versa. It deserves as much attention and security as our house. The above tips should help you keep your home and garage safe.

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