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doors 4u garage doors multi panel pressed garage doors
    Our ranges of automatic openers have all been tested to Australian standards. In most cases, roller & overhead motors can be fitted to existing doors, providing the doors runs freely and there is enough space.
    doors 4u garage doors door works rd2 rolling doors

    Doorworks RD2 for rolling doors

    Model: RD2

    Key product features:

    • Soft start/close operation
    • Compact design
    • 1.2 million transmitter code combinations
    • Suitable for single or double doors up to 16m2
    • Comes with two remotes and a wireless wall remote

    Electrical Rating:   Input – AC 240V 50Hz     Current – 2A     Power – 100W
    Motor:  Type – DC 24V Single Phase
    Recommended Lifting Forces: 
    Max Lifting force – 60kg. Rated Lifting force – 40kg
    Door Travel:
    Door travel rate – 135mm/sec  Door travel limits – max 4.5 turns ofdoor drum approx.
    Max door height – 3.5m
    Max door weight – 80kg (spring balanced)
    Courtesy Light: 
    Light Source – 6 x ultra bright LEDs            Lighting time – 2.5 minutes
    Frequency - 433mHz    Coding Type – fixed code     Operation range – 70m   Battery – 12V A23 x1

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    Doorworks D.C for sectional and tilt doors

    Available in two models – DC800N and DC1200N

    Key product features:

    • Soft start, soft stop operation
    • Quiet and smooth with safety reversing
    • Compact yet powerful
    • Easy installation
    • Tidy ceiling fixing
    • Electronic limits with power fail memory
    Key product specifications:

    Model: Motor voltage Doorworks 800N: AC: 220-240V - 50HZ Doorworks 1200N: AC: 220-240V - 50HZ

    Model: Rated power Doorworks 800N: 166W Max, 0.769A Doorworks 1200N: 260W Max, 1.17A

    Model: Maximum driving force Doorworks 800N: 800N Doorworks 1200N: 1200N

    Model: Remote distance Doorwork 800N:  28-35M Doorworks 1200N: 28-35M

    Model: Remote Frequency Doorwork 800N:  433092MHZ Doorworks 1200N: 433.92MHZ

    Model: Max door area Doorworks 800N: 12m² Doorworks 1200N: 17m²

    Model: Temperature range Doorworks 800N:  -35°C - 70°C  Doorworks1200N:  -35°C - 70°C

    Model: Rail length Doorworks 800N:  3.3, 3.7, 4.5 Doorworks 1200N: 3.3, 3.7, 4.5

    Model: Running speed  Doorworks 800N: 140mm/s Doorworks 1200N: 140mm/s

    Model: Auto lighting Doorworks 800N: Turns off after 3-5 minutes Doorworks 1200N:  Turns off after 3-5 minutes

    Model: Quantity of remote Doorworks 800N: 3/unit Doorworks 1200N: 3/unit

    Model: Opener noise Doorworks 800N: Below 60D Doorworks 1200N: Below 60DB

    Model: Rated load Doorworks 800N: 200N Doorworks 1200N: 300N

    doors 4u garage doors door works dc for sectional and tilt doors

    This product is supplied with a 4-channel remote which can be used as a keyring or as a sunvisor version.

    To discuss your automatic opener needs with us, call us in Newcastle on 0478 824 826

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