3 Ways to Protect Commercial Roller Doors

Commercial roller doors are an affordable solution for factories, plants, warehouses, sheds, storage spaces, car parks, loading bays, garages and workshops. They’re designed to withstand continual use and heavy-duty wear in industrial applications. While commercial roller doors are built for strength and durability, it’s important to consider the security measures in place around the proximity of the roller door, to prevent damage from high impact crashes.

The purpose of a commercial roller door is to maintain and protect the security of your goods and the premises. However, the roller door should not be the first point of security on the premises.

Here are 3 ways to protect your commercial roller doors:

3 Ways to Protect Commercial Roller Doors - Commercial Roller Door

Install security cameras

If you’ve installed a commercial grade roller door, you should look at your overall security measures in place on your premises to ensure safety is a focus, and your premises is protected. Security cameras will allow you to monitor the premises, becoming aware if any unwanted visitors enter. Security camera systems are available in a range of different styles and the prices vary.

Security cameras act as an increased deterrent to potential thieves once they see that your premises is protected and monitored. They can also allow you to have an increased sense of security and in turn reduce the fear of crime. If there’s any damage done to your commercial roller door, security cameras on your premises can assist you in finding the criminal.

3 Ways to Protect Commercial Roller Doors - Commercial Roller Door

Implement an electronic security system

Another measure of security to protect your commercial roller door is an electronic or access control security system. An electronic security system allows you to control who has authority to access the premises, and when. It acts as an electronic gatekeeper, allowing authorised personnel access and denying unwanted visitors. Whether you’re installing a new system or updating your existing security, it’s important to get the right advice. You need to know which system will best suit your business’ requirements. This extra layer of security can prevent damage to the premises as they can see it has a sufficient security system.   

3 Ways to Protect Commercial Roller Doors - Commercial Roller Door

Invest in security bollards

Security bollards are an investment in securing and protecting your premises. Large warehouses, factories, workshops and garages usually hold valuable contents, so it’s important that you invest in extra security for the surrounds. While commercial roller doors are built with high quality materials ensuring they are durable, to be safe, you can install security bollards outside of the roller doors to promote site security through crash prevention and shock absorption.

When working with machinery and equipment on your premises, you need to ensure extra safety measures are put in place to prevent workplace injury, and damage to your premises. Installing security bollards near commercial roller doors can prevent physical damage to the property and reduce the impact of a crash.

If you invest in a high-quality security bollard, it has the capacity to withstand and resist the impact of a vehicle collision, promoting safety in the workplace and preventing damage to your premises. Bollards generally come in bright colours such as yellow, so they are visible.

Protecting commercial roller doors means from an accident or crash can mean investing in a range of different security measures. If you bought a cheap, weak roller door, there’s no point in spending more money on security when the door itself isn’t protecting the premises. Make sure you install high-quality commercial roller doors if you want to protect your goods and premises.

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